0.5.0 - Pumpkin released

Another release, another big release. This update has massive performance, accessibility and usability enhancements. As with other releases, we're upping our game as far as functionality included out of the box as well as what's supported through minor additions.

There's built in support for leaflet-based maps, xAPI visualization and tracking, read time statistical generation is now stable, PDF / Print mode printing, more refined media and testing work. The usability improvements associated with color and design now give greater context of where people are and what they are doing. MaterializeCSS has also been fully implemented, replacing our 2 year long run with Zurb Foundation / hacky / some materialize code. Materialize nets us a larger design community and really clean visualization / design patterns to start from.

There's also a lot of work under the hood in stability and improvements people won't notice but that put us on better footing going forward, including Ubuntu 16 with PHP 7, MariaDB, and HTTP2 support for the fastest page delivery currently possible by web-stacks. There's also some experimental work for Angular 2.0 apps in the 2.x version of the Studio. The next release will focus more on getting this and other Angular experiments graduated to full usage. This release has the most issues stomped and functionality added since the project initially got a 0.0.0 release marker, clocking in at 160 issues (we try to shoot for 100 per release).

Attached is a video walking through some of the latest enhancements.