2013: State of the Screencast

This is one of the first ramble-laden screencasts I've done in awhile demonstrating the state of the ELMS Learning network.  I talk and blog about ELMS Learning Network a lot, but I'm often bogged down in supporting legacy architecture as well as ramping up for new functionality in ELMS LN to really stop and have a day of investment in communicating about the platform.  Today's our lucky day!

This video shows the state of some of the following pieces in the network and how they all play together.

  • LTI replication to spider the ELMS learning network based on a single call
  • How the CIS and MOOC distributions have a conversation based on needs
  • CIS as logistics engine for managing the setup and long term life of courses over time
  • How this is (so) different from ELMS in Drupal 6 and infinitely more powerful / flexible an approach
  • Talking a bit about the structure and plans for the network
  • Showing basic usability and experience design elements across the platform
  • The basic functionality of the MOOC distribution after it's been automatically setup via LTI launch
  • Some other stuff I probably forget now

I apologize for now showing more, I had some technical difficulties with firewalls just before recording so once I get those resolved I'll be posting another video stepping through the launch, to the backend implications, to the site creation, which should have all come prior to this video.  It takes me a long time to show and talk through how this all works; please realize it is years of work in the making and basically what I think about and do all the time.  This has consumed much of my 20s and I'm very happy with what my 20s are making possible.