As the ELMS project (or some form of it) moves into its 8th year, we'd like to take a moment and look back on all the great things from 2015.

  • Our community presented ELMSLN at ten different events this year including one in the UK
  • ButterCups Training offcially joined our community
  • ButterCups lead Instructional Technologist Rick Humphries shot this video showing ELMSLN working with Learning Locker
  • We spread to PSU colleges of Agriculture, Business, Liberal Arts, and Sciences, bringing the active number of deployments at PSU to 5 with more colleges exploring
  • We added a full time core contributor from Eberly College of Science (Michael Potter)
  • We saw a former core contributor transition to a faculty leadership role as our UX lead (Michael Collins)
  • Countless accessibility improvements, the neatest of which was Speedreader
  • We got a killer new User Experience thanks to both Mikes
  • Remixables / Shareables / Shortcodes / Embed Anything, Anywhere support including the ability to embed a complex submission widget with a copy and paste
  • We added countless enhancements in usability while improving under the hood enhancements to give us a strong foundation to deploy from
  • We added "one-line installers", including support for Amazon EC2, CentOS 6.x/7.x, Debian and Ubuntu 14.x
  • Git based content management support and importing to distribute ownership and liberate workflows
  • Leafy, a commandline helper for elmsln that can perform advanced server and elms related tasks automatically (like upgrading the codebase itself)
  • We got onto point releases (just before year's end)!
  • This updated community site you see currently
  • Official documentation and API sites
  • We saw commits from multiple Drupal @ PSU community members bringing our totals roles with influence on the project to students, faculty, instructional designers, programmers, front end experts, devops experts and system admins
  • We started to see engaging pedagogical discussions across institutions, job roles, sectors and continents
  • We showed production ready integrations with Learning Locker and Piwik for the two sides to analytics (pedagogical and support)
  • We were mentioned in the closing keynote of Sakai as a piece of the Post-LMS Revolution
  • We now have 13 tools under the hood with the majority of them being used in production


Tools currently seeing production usage at different institutions:

  • Online - Course Information Science - powering logistics and requesting new tools to be built
  • Courses - Course content outline / instructional flow
  • Studio - online media submission and critique
  • Blogs - private (or public if configured) student journaling system
  • Discuss - A simple discussion board engine
  • Interact - Interactive course object repository, providing smartbuilder, interactive timelines, 3D in browser molecules (JMOL) and other crazy things
  • Media - Asset management system for files, images, video, H5P interactive media and audio files
  • Comply - Compliance management system for helping manage the legal issues involved with delivering education


Systems and enhancements that will see additional experimentation to seek graduation in 2016:

  • Assessment - A distributed gradebook that can grade anything whether it happens in elms or not as well as rolling in a robust rubric system 
  • Live Questions - a live question tool for synchronous classroom experiences to ask questions and socially up vote them with support for annonymous and public questioning
  • Inbox - A heads up display for all users about whats going on in their network, what they should care about and what they should be working on next. This marries Learning Locker data with ELMSLN distributed dashboard data to give the student a richer experience with the system
  • Learning Locker - More automated support for Learning Locker
  • Chat engine - A nodejs based chat system for technical support as well as students chatting with others currently engaged in the same course network as them
  • HAX - We will continue our work to kill WYSIWYG (while still supporting it)
  • Your next big idea!


We hope you had a great 2015 and that you'll join us for the ride. It's going to be an amazing 2016.