Data visualization sneak peak

This video shows our latest and greatest from the 0.8.x branch of ELMS:LN, where our next release will be cut from. It also has a preview of our Next UI iteration (still in an experimental branch). In this video I talk through our data dashboards and visualizations that we can now play with to make meaning of all that xAPI data we've been collecting. You can filter, sort, and change pivots to H5P / answer data. This is also shown in different locations like media, user centric, content and CIS as part of the facets that get mixed into the same dashboard when displayed in different contexts. This is important because we can use the same dashboard to show a user their own personal data when they want to see what they've done, but also show a program manager what people are up to in their program, or for faculty to see how students did on that last self-check activity.