ELMS Style Guide Released!

Download the  ELMS Style guide from the microsite or fork it on github.

After months of hard work and abstraction from original deliverable, the ELMS Design and Style Guide has been released.  This is a professionally produced, extremely high quality, responsive minded, and completely open style guide provided under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.  Jay Perry Works was originally contracted to produce a style guide for the e-Learning Institute (ELMS Initiative home) to help influence the design and rebranding of the Institute as a larger part of the College or Arts & Architecture. This style guide was produced to help give consistency and design quality to the Course Information System distribution.

While the style guide is still being implemented in ELMS: CIS as part of the default theme the style guide driving the look and feel of that theme are dictated by Jay Perry Works incredible work.  After final approval of the style guide for the e-Learning Institute, we asked Jay to reproduce an Open Source version of the design guide for public use.  The theme for CIS would already be released under GPL 2.0 because of Drupal code licensing, so sourcing the style guide only made sense.

Jay produced the open version of the ELMS style guide on his own time because of his appreciation of open source and wanting to see ELMS more widely adopted.  Thank you Jay for all your hard work on this, it will serve as a basis for design revisions of all systems, widgets, and themes produced as part of the ELMS Learning Network going forward.