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This was originally published on our issue queue by @rickhumphries


I've been asked by @btopro to provide a brief run through of the things that we've changed/added to the system and where they currently live - most are in the CIS though with only H5P being added to Media:


Content Types

  • Course Module - provides all the information required for how a student can view their progress on a course. So a course might be made up of 10 modules - this content holds data such as ID, it's weighting (i.e. learning hours to complete), whether it's a core/optional module.
  • Course Competency - course modules can be achieved by completing all the competencies associated with it. A competency can be marked as complete either manually by the, or through the recording of xAPI statements. So this content type allows you to set the xAPI activity URLs and verbs that are associated with it.


  • Account data - we've added fields to handle the import of student personal data from external database here
  • Course progress - admin view which handles import of student course data from external database. Essentially a set of tables showing all course/module/competency data. This is used to inform a 'view progress' area that a student can access from the dashboard

Open Badges

This is a space for admin to create a badge that will be awarded based on the recording of xAPI statements - and fill in all the other meta data for it, including associating it with a course and section. All badges that a user can achieve based on the course/section they're enrolled on will display in the 'achievements' area of the dashboard.


This is the page that users go to when they log in. From here they can see the courses they're enrolled on, access these course spaces, view their progress so far on that course, view achievements, edit contact details, access their messages inbox.

  • View progress - shows which modules have been achieved etc. along with some custom % calculations for progress and expected progress). Data mainly taken from People->Course Progress
  • Edit contact details - allows the student to manually alter some of their account data, including password
  • Achievements - shows the badges that a student has either earned or is able to earn. Badges that have not yet been earned are shown with a locked icon.
  • Messaging - staff can send messages to students and tag the messages with the course it relates to. Students can currently only view messages, not send any.

Search Students

This is mainly a tool to be used by admin and other staff members who want to quickly get at data associated with groups of students and perform some bulk operations.
I'm not sure whether this currently pulls in students from our external database or from 'People', but it allows you to build a table (hide/remove columns), filter students based on a number of parameters, and then either export this view as a CSV file, or select these students and send all of them a message, issue all of them a badge, or send an xAPI statement for each.

This is an admin tool for now, but once the system has developed a bit further and the bits regarding course roles and groups has been sorted it will be the area that external managers/mentors will use to quickly view student progress, see who is falling behind etc.



Short one this! All we've done here is add the H5P module to Media. We set up interactive H5Ps here, then use the embed code to embed the activity in a course outline. We have code which listens for the xAPI statements generated from the activity, and turns this into a JSON format that can be accepted by our Learning Locker Learning Record Store.

Learning Locker

Acts as an authority which records all xAPI statements.

Think that's about it!