HAX progress towards 0.10.x branch of elmsln

Years of white boarding and dreaming are starting to become a reality for the ELMS:LN team. HAX is no longer a prototype but a thing that's actually working in the 0.10.x branch of ELMS:LN pegged for the 0.10.0 release at some point. The following video talks about HAX and how terrible web input has been for... well... ever.

HAX changes that. HAX is about touching the DOM (Document Object Model; the thing that renders a web page) instead of talking to all kinds of crazy other ways to do it (or sorta workable solutions like WYSIWYG / CKEditor fields).  This is a mix of technical and non-technical lingo.



And this is a crazy demonstration of mashing up capabilities that we then get for "free" more or less.