Innovating Beyond just "It's accessible"

This is a recording of a presentation I gave at an on campus event recently about Accessibility. I am often a provocator when it comes to my care about accessibility; meaning I always say I don't want people to care about accessibility. It's not because I want others to lack empathy, it's because our systems in an ideal world would "Just Work" for everyone.

Sadly, we lack access to all of all abilities and so we're here with a world in need of improving access. This is where I situate accessibility; as access. We need to improve access to all things and all people through new and different ways then simply aria text.

This video shows things like Speedreader, Open dyslexic font, Voice and keyboard (in browser) based systems, HAX, A11y Drupal module and more! Expect to see these as well as many other exciting new accessibility features in the 0.4.x release of ELMS:LN which should drop in the next week or two.