Insert Tokens for Submission

UPDATE: I added a video that shows Automatic Token generation to allow embedding anything, anywhere.


This shows the current state of a special token insert mode that allows for dynamically creating bindings to other services in ELMSLN. This allows your course outline to ask another system if the user has submitted an assignment (for example). If they have submitted "Assignment 3" (or whatever tag it is), it will present a link to their assignment submission, otherwise it will present a link for them to complete the assignment.


Further more, Systems can have multiple "Assignment 3"s. It's looking up against a tag field on the thing that can be remote embedded and looked up. It looks at the section of the currently logged in user, then looks up what assignments that section uses, then cross references the tag requested in the token with what assignments their section allows.


An example scenario would be 2 sections. S113 has 5 assignments, S200 has 6 assignments. They share 4 assignments, but assignment 5 the instructors disagree on. Each section can have the same content presented, managed by the lead faculty for instances, but allow each instructor to utilize a different assignment 5.

Section S200 also has an additional assignment. In the event that the assignment look up does not return anything for that Tag, it will render nothing. This means that parts of the content will be contextually rewritten both for the section as well as the submissions required to complete the material.

Disclaimer: This is a prototype, ending usability may differ from what's in this video.