Introducing HAX, the next generation of content authoring

ELMS:LN, and CMSs in general have a growing problem. While the internet is getting easier to use, website tonight software is making it easy to build (simple) websites, and everyone is getting apps; edtech and open source CMSs feel locked in the stone ages of content production. We have these awesome looking systems to present content to uses, but terrible tools with which to produce these tools.

Admittedly, ELMS:LN is an incredibly powerful, flexible backend architecture... that many people don't get and find largely unapproachable unless helped by someone else.


We need to change that; and today, we start the first step. Today we'd like to introduce a new phrase (which if you've followed the project for years is actually an old phrase made new): HAX. HAX is short for Headless Authoring eXperience. HAX is a completely headless (architectural design decision which means it's not tied to any platform and makes all it's calls from the website in as opposed to webserver out). And after many years of planning and wishing we had what HAX promised; we have a highly functional prototype with which we can gain valuable author feedback to produce the highest quality authoring and content experience on the web.

Our primary goals with HAX

  • Make content easy to work with an have no barrier to produce web based content
  • Easily integrate anything from anywhere
  • Work online, offline, in a desktop app, on mobile, in ELMS:LN and in and other system that implements it
  • Produce highly accessible content that makes it nearly impossible to make things inaccessible
  • Produce high fidelity content experiences that are more engaging then today's educational experiences online
  • Create a state of the art authoring experience

So, like the many things in ELMS:LN; not at all lofty [sic]. We're here today to announce a new website in the ELMS:LN universe called

This site is a demonstration of HAX capabilities but also will serve as a mini hub for that project. Just like ELMS:LN leverages the skillsets of the Drupal community in order to extend our reach, HAX will help us get valuable accessibility, design, performance, security and integration auditing among our front-end friends.

Here's 2 videos showing HAX but really, you should just go play for yourself and realize that experimental support for this is being worked into ELMS:LN in the High Fidelity thread.