July State of ELMSLN

This video shows the current state of ELMSLN developments using the Vagrant VM Image. The latest efforts have been in the areas of User experience and design.


This tours the system as a whole with what you can get running today, focusing on the Course outline portion of the platform but touching on (deep breathe)...

  • Course information system
  • Discussion tool
  • Open Studio environment
  • Journaling system
  • Asset Management system


I also cover:

  • H5P
  • the fact that everything is a webservice
  • we can get data to and from anywhere
  • Leafy / commandline elmsln


The feature set that I laid out a vision of several years ago is starting to come togehter usability and experience wise in ways I would have never been able to go alone. Much of the credit there goes to UX lead Michael Collins who's done an incredible job. User testing with many, many Instructional designers both in person via sprints and virtually in the issue queues has been invaluable.


This is probably the most comprehensive ELMSLN video I've ever put together though you might want to watch the OpenEd philosophy of design discussion if you have trouble following the architecture. There's still much work to do but it's getting pretty awesome to look at and work with.


We are building something awesome over here. Join us.sc