Learner centric accessible media delivery

We've been making great strides in usability and design in the upcoming release of ELMSLN (0.5.x). One dream of mine has always been to contextually rewrite / deliver content to users based on their needs. Doing so, without the constant conversations and checking of material by accessibility experts coordinating with those that produced courses. Well, today a glimpse of that dream is realized with the inclusion of an "Accessible fallback" field for H5P and SVG media from the elmsmedia system.

With this option, you'll be able to utilize a potentially inaccessible H5P type while easily providing support for fallback text and media that accomplishes the same thing in a more accessible way.

For example:

  • You want users to have a Pop-up video style experience in a 30 minute lecture
  • You use the H5P Interactive Video content type to produce that experience, stopping the video to ask questions along the way (tracked via xAPI)
  • Oh no, that's not accessible

Historically, this is where things shut down. There's no decision tree for using this, it just doesn't happen because of legal and ethical concerns about excluding screenreader and other imparements from the interaction.

Now though, you'll be able to push ahead with your video that has questions asked (without leaving people behind), provided you utilize the accessible fallback type.

The video below talks throught his enhancement by demonstrating its capabilities with the above use-case.