No one should own the ocean

This is a recording of a talk I'm giving at OpenApereo2017 entitled "No one should own the ocean" in which I describe the difference between NGDLE and LMS technology perspectives, review some options and thoughts in the space currently, and then start to show our entry into this space. From there, I go into why I think Web Components will be the way to solve cognitive load issues that can arrise from switching contexts (aka tools / websites) in an NGDLE without just tunneling UX into an LMS type environment via LTI.

This is not an anti-LTI argument, it's envisioning another way out of the walled gardens we so decry (LMS) and opening up the entire web as a distributed learning ecosystem in a way that doesn't overwhelm our end users but empowers them to select applications based on their needs and developers to build effortlessly against the web as a platform itself.