Tipping point released

I'm pleased to announce the latest release of ELMSLN - Tipping point (0.2.0). Tipping point brings about massive improvements in usability, design, performance, bug fixes, documentation, and expanded capabilities. There were 118 issues resolved on the way to this release. To cap it off, I shot multiple videos showing the system running and explaining how to do different things in it as well as why certain design and architectural decisions have been made.

This is the first end-to-end style video that dives deep into the whole platform I've done in several years. I'm very proud of where our team is taking the network. Our development, student and pedagogical communities is growing. We're having more active contributions and feedback from a growing choir of voices who are tired of business as usual.

We want our education, our making, our creativity, and our pedagogy back; damnit! We're growing in number and Tipping point is aptly named for this fact, because we're reaching a tipping point. It's becoming increasingly easy to get new things in, easy to find, easy to do insane tasks with the push of a button. We're pushing forward on the crazy stuff like Voice based dictation, Self organizing fractal networks and less crazy but needs to have existed already stuff like Non linear adaptive and self-selecting course structures.

The future we are creating is so bright, let's continue to make each other shine. Ex Uno Plures.