Where we're going


I was presented with two videos today that show the contrast of where we've been and where we're going rather nicely.  The first is from 2013 in which I gave a talk at Drupal Camp Ohio about ELMSLN as an idea. It was just barely working, the UX was terrible and I talked way too much. But you can see the early signs of the concept, the organic nature and the system that sets itself up.


It's also the first time that Michael Collins (UX lead / Arts & Archicture Faculty, Program head) and Michael Potter (Core developer / Eberly College of Science) had seen me present on the idea. They had heard me around campus talk about this idea I had and how we could use Drupal to achieve it, but they never saw the big picture till after this talk. Neither one had any involvement with the platform aside from interest.


Fast forward to today, both have found work that has allowed them to directly contribute to the platform and help others build education experiences using the technology. Both have made it more flexible and visually appealing then I ever could. We've also got Rick Humphries influencing and expanding our original ideas abroad.


In the second video, Rick showcases how he's starting to work competency based and Experience API (xAPI) statements into ELMSLN. This is still early both in usability and implementation, but has inspired the core development team to start pursuing Learning Locker / xAPI integration to see where we can take it.