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ELMSLN is often through of as the merging of platform and philosophy of systems design. For this reason the core ELMSLN development team would like to note our guiding principles for system and community development.

Development Philosophy

  • Fragmentation can be managed through automation; we always encourage deviation in thought as long as it is still deployed in a sustainable manner. When thought is not sustainable, it doesn't mean we don't pursue it, it just means it might not make it into the main package. For example; a course wanting very specific ways of automatically cropping and presenting a grid of media for an art exhibit. Very cool, educational, thought provoking but too unique to necessarily be repurposable.
  • Allow innovation to run its course. Ideas deemed not immediately repurposable need to be explored and refined until such a time that they can be made sustainable. If they cannot be made sustainable, it does not mean they are rejected.
  • Every course, author, instructor, learner and context is unique. We celebrate this in the design and development of the architecture and want to unlock the greatest educational potential for all. Everything is a snowflake, we strive to allow that to shine through a suite of tools based methodology to system development.

Community Philosophy

  • All members of the ELMSLN community are to be treated as equal partners, regardless of background, history, metadata, or time invested previously in the project or other projects.
  • Be Considerate, Be Collaborative, Be Respectful. We all make mistakes, and internet based communication is not as effective as person to person. Respect that everyone is contributing of free-will to build a better educational ecosystem. Open source is only as good as its community, be awesome.



This work is inspired by the Drupal code of conduct and PlayBook's Guiding Principles.