Carly Dreibelbis

Carly Dreibelbis

Multimedia Specialist

The Pennsylvania State University

Eberly College of Science

I have always been obsessed with visuals. When I was a kid I would go through my mom’s magazines, find an image I loved, check with my mom to make sure she didn’t need the article on the back, then clip it out and safely tuck it away in a flat, waxed-cardboard box under my bed - only to find out years later that my mom secretly snuck in my room and downsized my collection to keep it under control. 

These days, I apply my passion for visual arts to graphic design and photography. I soak up inspiration all around me, and still tear out magazine ads and tuck them away for reference. I strive to visually present the facts and discipline of science with creativity, quality, technology and whenever possible… a bit of humor. I am always looking for new ways to approach courses, graphics, and content to successfully visually communicate concepts with an audience. 

If I’m not behind a computer screen, you can find me outside with a camera by my side or in mad scientist mode in my kitchen - while tripping over a hungry cattle dog vacuum.