Melissa Hicks, Instructional Designer

Melissa Hicks

Instructional Designer

The Pennsylvania State University

Eberly College of Science

Melissa got into this business because she hated chewing wood. She started out wanting to be an optometrist, but after a run-in with Garth Brooks, she decided she wanted to be a secondary ed teacher. That quickly got derailed by life, and instead, she became the president of a home-building company, a writer-editor, only to arrive where she is at today--basically back where she started--at the Eberly College of Science.

Melissa is currently the Team Lead and Instructional Designer for the Office of Digital Learning at the Eberly College of Science. When she's not coordinating her college's online course portfolio or running from meeting to meeting, you can catch her on the baseball field managing the Lemont Ducks or on Twitter, tweeting about ELMSLN.