Zane Sensenig

Zane Sensenig


The Pennsylvania State University

Smeal College of Business

Zane develops web technology at Penn State. In December of 2014, he graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College) earning a B.S. in Web and Interactive Media. Immediately after, he began working as a web designer / developer at Penn State's College of Arts and Architecture. In November of 2017, he left the College of Arts and Architecture and joined the Smeal College of Business's eLearning Design and Innovation Group (eLDIG). At eLDIG, Zane has an exciting opportunity to impact the way Smeal's business students participate in online learning; and he will get to build tools that will be used by instructional designers to develop online courses. 

As a developer, Zane's skillset is most closely aligned with the design of front-end applications. However, he has a high level understanding of Drupal and has worked in the CMS since 2014. Zane takes an interdisciplinary approach by allowing design, marketing strategy, and people skills to influence his work. 

In the Fall of 2016, Zane started a Masters of Education in Learning, Design, and Technology. Although he is still new to learning design, he most closely aligns with constructionist learning theory. His research interests include emotional design, 'making', and web technology in education.